Nov 18

MSTU n.a. N.E. Bauman and ZAO “NPO Echelon” became the price-holders of 2010′s contest. The innovative system named “Protected internet-portal “Acustocard” which allows to diagnose heart diseases in early form has claimed the diploma titled “Automatic systems for laboratory and functional research”. The authors of “Acustocard” are: Gorshkov U.G., Ph.D.; Kaindin A.M. and Romanovskiy K.V.

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Dec 03

According to auscultation no cardiovascular malformation was found.
Acoustocardiogramms 1 and 2 were obtained.

Acoustocardiogramm 1.

Judging by the image it is clear that among 2 and 4 “pairs” of tones there are negligible “focuses” of conceiving systolic and diastolic noises. This factor that describes an early stage of cardiovascular malformation is persistently seen during the whole audio record.

Acoustocardiogramm 2.

For the I “pair”

- mesosystolic noise in the time interval 0.59s – 0.68s; noise frequency changes from 90 Hz to 50 Hz

- ladder-shaped mesodiastolic noise in the time interval 0.95s – 1.0s; 42 Hz

1.0s – 1.2s: 57 Hz; 1.2s – 1.3s: 24 Hz и 38 Hz;

- protodiastolic “dot” of noise in coordinates 0.96s – 80 Hz

- presystolic “dot” of noise in coordinates 1.33s – 82 Hz

For the II “pair”

- mesosystolic noise in the time interval 1.7s – 1.8s; 85 Hz – 38 Hz;

- mesodiastolic noise in the time interval 2,05s – 2,14s: 40 Hz – 70 Hz.

Author Юрий Горшков